What is Bungee fitness workout? Would you try them?

Looking to add some bounce to your workout routine? Bungee fitness is an exhilarating new exercise trend that lets you literally jump, flip, and fly your way to fitness. This full-body workout provides a fun alternative to boring old crunches and cardio.

Keep reading to learn all about this rebound-powered exercise craze – including how it works, why it rocks, and how you can join in on the bouncy fun!

What is Bungee Fitness Workout?

Bungee fitness refers to working out while attached to stretchy, latex bungee cords. The cords are hooked to a hip and ankle harness to provide support and resistance as you move.

This allows you to jump, dance, run, flip and swing through challenging exercises that would be impossible to perform on solid ground. The cords provide a rebound effect that cushions impact while still intensifying each movement.

A typical bungee workout incorporates elements of:

  • Cardio – by performing fast, plyometric movements that spike your heart rate
  • Strength training – the cords add resistance to exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups
  • Flexibility – bungee lets you move through extreme ranges of motion
  • Balance and coordination – stabilizing yourself mid-air increases focus

Benefits extend beyond the physical too. Bungee induces a euphoric mental state thanks to adrenaline and endorphins!

Bungee fitness began in Thailand in 2016 and has since bounced around the world. Gym classes are now available in many major cities.

How Bungee Fitness Works

Bungee fitness requires specialized equipment and trained instructors to ensure a safe, effective workout. Here’s a step-by-step look:

The Gear

  • A hip and ankle harness clips you to the bungee cords. It should fit snugly to support your body weight.
  • Thick, elastic bungee cords provide resistance. They’re easily adjustable to match your height and weight.
  • A sturdy overhead frame safely secures the bungee cords and acts as an anchor point for moves.
  • A spring floor or padded mats provide cushioning for any low-impact moves.

Class Structure

A typical bungee class lasts 45-60 minutes and includes:

  • Warm up – Light cardio and stretches prep your body for action.
  • Bungee exercises – Running, jumping, flipping and dancing against the resistance of the cords.
  • Cool down – Stretches help prevent next-day soreness.

Classes are set to upbeat music to drive the high-energy pace. The instructor guides you through proper form and technique.

Proper Form

Mastering proper form keeps you safe and maximizes results:

  • Engage your core and maintain control through each movement. Don’t flail!
  • Move with intention, not momentum. Keep muscles engaged.
  • Absorb impact with bent knees when descending into a squat.
  • Keep movements small until you build coordination. No wild swinging!
  • Listen to cues from instructors to perfect positioning.

Proper bungee technique minimizes joint impact while activating muscles for strength and cardio benefits.

Benefits of Bungee Fitness

Why harness up for a bout of bouncy fitness versus a regular gym session? Here are some of the prime benefits this trendy workout delivers:

Low-Impact Cardio

Bungee provides an energizing cardio blast without the joint wear-and-tear of high-impact options like running. The cords absorb shock, reducing strain on your knees, hips and back.

Studies show bungee training significantly elevates heart rate and oxygen intake for a terrific cardio burn. A 30-minute class can torch up to 400 calories!

Strengthens and Tones

The constant tension of the bungee cords engages your muscles as you stabilize yourself mid-air. Expect serious strengthening of your legs, glutes, core, back and arms.

Adding rebound resistance to bodyweight moves like push-ups and squats increases intensity for faster muscle building.

Enhances Flexibility

Bungee allows your body to move through extreme ranges of motion that enhance flexibility. Funky inverted poses like backbends and suspensions improve mobility.

Rebounding out of deep squat variations maintains joint health and elasticity.

Boosts Coordination and Balance

Bungee challenges your proprioceptive skills and reaction times by forcing you to stabilize amid constant motion. Attempting controlled flips and spins enhances coordination.

The instability of rebounding suspended boosts balance and engages stabilizer muscles from head to toe.

Stress Relief and Fun

Bungee floods your body with feel-good endorphins, providing stress relief and mood enhancement. How can you not crack a smile while bouncing off the walls?

Classes deliver a playful atmosphere that makes working out fun. The entertainment factor tricks you into exerting more energy!

Is Bungee Right For You?

Bungee provides an intense workout unlike any other gym class. But is it suitable for everyone? Here are some factors to consider:

Fitness Level

Classes are adaptable for any fitness level. Instructors provide easier modifications for newbies while encouraging more advanced students to up the intensity.

However, bungee does require baseline strength and mobility to perform suspended movements safely. Discuss any limitations with your instructor.

Injuries/Medical Conditions

Check with a doctor before bungee training if you have any injuries, chronic conditions, or mobility restrictions. Joint issues like bad knees may require modifications.

Pregnancy may also limit your ability to perform certain inverted moves. But with accommodations, many prenatal students enjoy gentle bungee workouts.

Fear of Heights/Inversion

Bungee requires being suspended upside down at times. For those with a fear of heights or inversion, start slowly and communicate your limits to instructors. Over time, you can work to overcome trepidation in a safe environment.

Overall Health

As an intense full-body workout, bungee requires baseline fitness and cardiovascular health. Those who are extremely unfit, elderly or mobility-impaired should consult a doctor first.

Bungee workouts put high demand on your cardiovascular system. Make sure your heart and lungs are up for the challenge!

What to Expect In Your First Bungee Class

Ready to take flight with bungee? Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to your first class:


Opt for stretchy athletic clothing like yoga pants, leggings, shorts and form-fitting tops. Avoid loose or restricting outfits. Bring grippy socks if the studio is shoe-free.


Show up 10-15 minutes early to complete any registration forms and get outfitted in your harness. Instructors will adjust the straps for a snug, secure fit.

Warm Up

5-10 minutes of cardio and dynamic stretching prep your body for action. This helps prevent injury and build heat.

Bungee Workout

Clip into the bungee cords and let the bouncy fun commence! Expect lots of jumping jacks, squats, lunges and plyometric drills against the resistance of the cords.

Instructors start with basics then advance to harder moves like tucks, spins and flips when ready. Don’t be shy about sticking to basics – there’s no pressure to progress. Just have fun!

Cool Down

Finish with some static stretching to bring your heart rate down, improve flexibility and prevent next-day soreness, especially in your legs and back.


Replenish with water and a protein-rich snack to aid muscle recovery. An epsom salt bath can also ease muscle soreness after an intense session.

Bungee Fitness Safety Tips

While bungee training is quite safe under the guidance of qualified instructors, it’s smart to take some precautions:

  • Listen closely to all safety instructions and ask questions if anything is unclear
  • Start slowly and master fundamentals before attempting advanced moves
  • Maintain control throughout each movement and avoid excessive momentum
  • Engage your core and stabilize joints like elbows and knees when suspended
  • Communicate any discomfort immediately so instructors can adjust
  • Stay hydrated and don’t push past exhaustion
  • Know your limits and don’t attempt moves you aren’t comfortable with

Following safety guidelines ensures you maximize fun and results while preventing injury!

Where to Try Bungee Fitness

Bungee fitness originated in Thailand but has expanded globally. You can now find bungee classes in most major cities at gyms like:

  • AntiGravity Fitness
  • AIR Aerial Fitness
  • Circus Warehouse
  • Fly Monkey Fitness
  • Sky Fitness
  • Etc

If bungee isn’t offered in your area yet, try calling gyms to gauge interest in adding it to their class schedule. The more buzz, the sooner it might arrive at a location near you!

You can also DIY a bungee workout at home if you have trees or an aerial rig to anchor cords to. But supervision is recommended when first learning bungee skills.

Bounce Into Better Fitness With Bungee

Bungee offers an exhilarating new way to get fit while defying gravity – and it’s taking the fitness world by storm!

Combining cardio, strength training, flexibility and fun, bungee delivers an intense full-body workout unlike any other. The benefits to your fitness level, coordination, muscle tone and mental state are undeniable.

While challenging at first, bungee can be adapted for any skill level. Take it slow, learn proper form and communicate with instructors. Soon you’ll be bouncing off the walls with increased fitness, strength and confidence!

So next time your workout routine needs a boost, look to bungee fitness. All it takes is a harness, some bungies and a bit of bravery to enjoy serious fitness payoffs – along with some much-needed fun!

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